Memorial Garden Bricks
The Memorial Garden, dedicated Nov 1, 2009 on All Saints\' Day,  has a walk in which people have placed bricks with names and inscriptions to memorialize persons and events.  The list below contains the inscriptions on the bricks with a corresponding identification number and the name of the person or group who donated the brick.  At the bottom of this page is an alphabetical listing by the donor and the identification number of the brick or bricks that person or group donated.  Janet Miller has been the person ordering and installing the bricks.  Thanks, Janet.          brick numbers 1-17        brick numbers 18-33        brick numbers 34-50        brick numbers 51-66        brick numbers 67-81      brick numbers 82-100     brick numbers 101-117     brick numbers 118-136     brick numbers 137-151     brick numbers 152-169     brick numbers 170-188    brick numbers 188a-203      brick numbers 204-227      brick numbers 228-248 246-252      brick numbers 246-252

                   Donor Index index A-D            donor names A-D index E-L             donor names E-L                       donor names M-S index T-Z             donor names T-Z
This listing last updated Nov 24, 2023